Ultra Dark Premium 8" Carving Knife and Fork Set

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  • Ultra-Dark Premium 8" Carving Knife is expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed to masterfully slice through flesh, breakthrough cartilage, and trim fat from beef, pork, poultry, fish, and other meats. Every carving task can be easily handled with this knife.

    Meanwhile, 8” Carving Fork is perfect for assisting in carving roasts and transferring to serving vessels. It will help to keep your hands away from the sharp blades of the knives as food is being prepared.

Comfort:The blade is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle, creating the perfect grip. The handle was designed in a way to prevent any symptoms of hand fatigue during extended periods of work.

Balance:The ergonomic shape enables the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring safe and effortless use.

Warranty:Paudin gives a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. We offer lifetime commitment or money back policy.

Ideal forslicing and dicing fish and meat, chopping herbs, and cutting vegetables

Cleans easily for low maintenance

Easy to re-sharpen back to a razor-like edge

Do not use as a can opener or screwdriver

Handle with care and store away from children