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Miss L Brohamer
Love it

It’s light, lovely and sharp. I finally enjoy cutting vegetables as never had a decent knife. Love the look of it too.

Shirley D
Impressive Quality

Culinary Precision! This is a sharp, top-quality chef knife and it effortlessly glides through ripe veggies, swiftly dices, and delicately minces fresh herbs. I made Pico de Gallo!

Wendy Stenger
Love it!

I’ve been looking for a nice knife that isn’t crazy expensive and this knife is just that! It has a sleek look and cuts very well. I’ll definitely be checking out other products from this brand.

La Vie en
Beautifully crafted chef’s knife, sharp, well balance

 The knife is beautifully crafted and balanced, which lets it easily slice through meat and vegetables. I've had the chef knife for about a month and have used it as often as possible to get the feel for it.Great packaging, blade is stunning, good steel, and I’m impressed with this beauty. Perfect size for my use and sharper than expected. This really is an awesome knife! Great size 8”, great edge, easy to clean.Overall good balance, comfortable handle, nice weight, well-priced premium materials, cuts extremely well and it is easy to use for a variety of items. Highly recommended.

Cole Y.
Wow Wow Wee Wow!

 I've had this knife a little over a week and I love it! I've used it at least once every day so far and it hasnt needed sharpened at all. It cam packaged very nicely with little protectors on the tip and heel of the knife. It has a nice edge right out of the box. The handle and blade are very stylish. You can see where the balance point is on the knife in the 5th picture, which is just about where I like it. In the 6th picture, I have my Wusthof chef's knife ( ~$150) on the left and the Paudin knife on the right. You can see how much narrower the spine on the Paudin is. This makes the knife and very agile to handle. The onion cutting video doesnt really do it justice but, it was hard to chop with one hand and record the video with the other. For the money, this knife can't be beat. I do wish the transition between the blade and the handle was a bit smoother. I see some of Paudin's other knives are like this and I'm anxious to try them. Give this knife a shot, you won't regret it!