Ultra Dark Premium 8"Schnitzset


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  • Das Ultra-Dark Premium 8" Tranchiermesser ist fachmännisch gefertigt und durchdacht konzipiert, um meisterhaft Fleisch zu durchschneiden, Knorpel zu durchbrechen und Fett von Rind-, Schweine-, Geflügel-, Fisch- und anderen Fleischsorten zu entfernen. Mit diesem Messer lässt sich jede Tranchieraufgabe problemlos bewältigen.

    Die 8-Zoll-Tranchiergabel eignet sich perfekt zum Tranchieren von Braten und zum Umfüllen in Serviergefäße. Es hilft, Ihre Hände während der Zubereitung von Speisen von den scharfen Klingen der Messer fernzuhalten.

Comfort:The blade is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle, creating the perfect grip. The handle was designed in a way to prevent any symptoms of hand fatigue during extended periods of work.

Balance: The ergonomic shape enables the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring safe and effortless use.

Ideal for slicing and dicing fish and meat, chopping herbs, and cutting vegetables

Not ideal for cleaving meat bones, slicing bread, smaller precision tasks, such as peeling and mincing

Cleans easily for low maintenance

Easy to re-sharpen back to a razor-like edge

Do not place in dishwasher

Do not use as a can opener or screwdriver

Handle with care and store away from children


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Trisha Sen
beautiful knife

This knife is beautiful and perfect for carving. It’s heavy duty and can get the job done. My cousin was so excited to use it for his cooking

vergie paca
paudine carving knife..



I was finally able to use my “kitchen tools”. This set is pretty. The knife is very sharp. I sliced through my steaks with literal ease. It’s durable, very appealing to the eye, and lightweight. I highly recommend.

Miya's Mom
Excellent for the average person

For people who only use this on holidays it was perfect. Handled well and sharp enough

Roseanne Lopez
Excellent carving set at a fraction of the cost of some others I was considering

Great set. Ergonomic and sharp. I used it to carve a rib roast with ease.