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The Best Knives for your Backyard Barbeque

 Knives (and Tools) You Need for a Successful Barbeque 

Chef Knives

Chef knives typically have an eight-inch blade. You can find them in any professional chef's home because they act as the happy middle between other knife styles. 

Their versatility makes them suitable for chopping medium cuts of meat, onions, herbs, and fish. The curved design behind these blades also makes them easy to rock back and forth for more controlled cutting. 

If you are looking for a flexible blade that can handle it all, a chef's knife is where you need to begin. Just don't use them for the more precise cutting jobs like peeling. A chef's knife is accurate for herbs, just not as good at skinny cuts. 

Our Chef's Knives 

  • The Hammered Pro 8" Chef's Knife - It comes with a unique hammered design made of scratch-resistant material. 
  • The Cloud Premium 8" Chef's Knife - The cloud premium has a razor's edge cut with low maintenance. It has a hardness rating of 60+, making it a sturdy (but less flexible) 
  • The Ultra Dark Premium 8" Chef's Knife - It's made of high-quality German stainless steel with a classic design.

Carving Knives

A carving knife is great if you are looking to create uniform slices of meat. They are for large hunks that you can dig into with a narrow blade. This design makes them suitable for turkeys, hams, and large fish. 

It's not a daily use knife (unless you are eating big chunks of meat every day), but it is excellent for specialist use. For your huge pieces of meat, this sharp edge will take care of you.

Our Carving Knives

  • The Universal Classic 8" Carving Knife - has a unique special waved pattern that is durable and rust-proof. It's not great for vegetables, though.
  • The Ultra Dark Premium 8" Carving Knife - It is made of high-quality German steel with a simple design. Those looking for a unique design should look at the Cloud line. 
  • The Cloud Premium 8" Carving Knife - The sleek and beautiful design has a 60 on the Rockwell hardness scale, making it incredibly durable. 

Carving Forks

A carving knife wouldn't be complete without a carving fork. Carving forks are helpful for two reasons:

  • They help steady the blade during significant cuts
  • They allow you to tear apart tender meats

A carving fork is an absolute necessity if you are trying to create pulled pork sandwiches or precise cuts of meat. 

We have a single product to meet that need: the Ultra Dark Premium 7" Carving Fork. It's the ultimate tool for all of your barbeque needs. 

Boning Knives

The name tells us that these knives are designed explicitly for removing bones from meat, poultry, and fish. De-boning is a vital process for ensuring that you don't have any unfortunate choking accidents while eating.

Boning knives are thin and precise for removing the smallest bones. Their small tips can get in there and pry those bones out. It's light and flexible, making it great for small precision work. 

The precision of boning knives also makes them suitable for detailed work with vegetables. 

Our Boning Blades

The Ultra Dark Premium 6" Boning Knife - This boning knife is excellent for durability and a firm grip. 

The Universal Classic 6" Boning Knife - This boning knife has a beautiful brown handle with a long, narrow blade for precision cuts. Like other boning knives, this is best for more minor cuts. 

Ham Knives

A ham knife is like a boning knife with an incredibly long blade. The long edge is excellent for getting deep into thick cuts of meat. 

The blunt tip ensures you can focus on sawing downward without getting too eager. When serving fully-cooked meat, ham knives are great for your use. 

Our ham knife is under the label fillet knife. The Ultra Dark Premium 12" Fillet Knife has the same features like a knife under the alternative name. However, its massive size makes it less suitable for any other task. 

Steak Knives 

Steak knives have a serrated blade that makes them suitable for sawing through tough cuts of cooked meat. You typically take a steak knife with you to the plate so you can cut through the meat. However, it is surprisingly good at cutting through cakes, bread, and pastries. 

Be careful of the razor-sharp edge, as well-kept steak knives can turn the toughest steaks into butter. It is a type of knife that is found in most kitchens and often underappreciated. Thank your steak knives. 

As a result of their smaller size, they are typically sold at lower prices and in sets. However, there are some premium steak knives from our line that fulfill a variety of needs. 

The Kobe Classic Brown 4-Piece set is an example of a higher-quality four-piece steak knife set. It's made of German stainless steel and has a unique 15-degree angle for cutting into the meat with ease. 

Steak knives are also good with tomatoes (like bread knives) 


When you hold a barbeque, it's important to have the right tools for the job. Part of the right tools for the job is to ensure that your knives can handle various tasks. A boning knife can't carve a turkey. 

To ensure you have a complete set to impress the neighbors, check out our listing of various knives linked above. Our collections are sure to be effective and impress your neighbors with their quality. 

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