Hammered Premium 7-In-1-Messerblock-Set

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Das gehämmerte Premuim Paudin-Küchenmesserset umfasst ein 8-Zoll-Kochmesser, ein 8-Zoll-Tranchiermesser, ein 8-Zoll-Brotmesser, ein 5-Zoll-Allzweckmesser, ein 3,5-Zoll-Gemüsemesser und einen Eschenholzblock, der sich ideal für ernsthaftes Kochen eignet.

Superscharf: Mit der ultrascharfen Kante können Sie Ihre tägliche Küchenarbeit problemlos erledigen. Es schnitt mühelos Tomaten und Karotten, man musste kaum Druck ausüben. Die gehämmerte Klinge ist ein sehr praktisches Design, das den Widerstand verringert und das Anhaften an Lebensmitteln minimiert. Mit diesem Messer wird das Schneiden von Fleisch, Obst und Gemüse zum Kinderspiel!

Ergonomischer Griff: Dieses Messerset verfügt über einen ABS-Griff anstelle eines Holzgriffs, wodurch die Haptik des Handhelds verbessert wird und das Hackmesser leicht zu halten ist. Das ergonomische Design sorgt für einen bequemen Griff und ist für Hände jeder Größe geeignet. Sie werden sich bei längerem Gebrauch nicht müde fühlen.

Vielseitig einsetzbar: Das Küchenmesserset von PAUDIN wurde entwickelt, um die meisten Schneidaufgaben in der Küche zu lösen. Dieses Messerset bietet Ihnen ein perfektes Kocherlebnis, egal, was Sie hacken, würfeln, schneiden oder zerkleinern möchten.

Comfort:The blade is integrated with a soft and comfortable handle, creating the perfect grip. The handle was designed in a way to prevent any symptoms of hand fatigue during extended periods of work.

Balance: The ergonomic shape enables the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring safe and effortless use.

Ideal for slicing and dicing fish and meat, chopping herbs, and cutting vegetables

Not ideal for cleaving meat bones, slicing bread, smaller precision tasks, such as peeling and mincing

Cleans easily for low maintenance

Easy to re-sharpen back to a razor-like edge

Do not place in dishwasher

Do not use as a can opener or screwdriver

Handle with care and store away from children


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Super sharp

Simply great. Look good, feel great and super super sharp.

Easy to hold and affordable.

 What a beautiful set of premium quality knife, easy to hold. Affordable and makes a great gift to anyone. This 7 piece set is all you need to prepare a any cook or chef. I highly recommend to my friends and family.

Jenn A
Beautiful knives

I am soo excited to get these beautiful knives and start cooking with them, I loved how they handle and how it holds, the blades are sharp and beautiful set with block, a knife for every moment and also shears I cut up Brussels sprouts and also butternut squash

Bill Bendeck
Excellent set. 100% stainless steel knives

The product arrived carefully packed in an Amazon box. The set comes in their box, very well presented in separate boxes all the pieces. The warranty and instruction manual come in an easy-to-understand form.Excellent set. 100% stainless steel knives. Ergonomic, good weight. beautiful finish on its blade and robust handle. its wooden block fits nice in my kitchen, giving it a touch of elegance and modernity. All knives are professional ultra-sharp. I have tried them in my barbecue, cutting meat, making salads, they work professionally. I recommend this product 1000%

Michele C
Upping my knife game!

Wow! New knives for me! I have been using the same knives for years and after seeing these I decided to give them a try. Very impressed with the weight and how nice they feel. They are also gorgeous! Did I mention how sharp they are? The set comes in a very nice wood block that keeps the blades safely stored. Do not hesitate to order knives from Paudin! Giving them 5 stars!!