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PAUDIN P5 Damascus 7-Inch Nakiri Knife

Plume Luxe 7 Inch Nakiri knife is made of high quality 67 layers Damascus steel for rust-resistance, wear-resistance, and long-lasting performance while providing a maximum authentic sharpness.

LUXURIOUS G10 HANDLE: Ergonomic G10 handle of the vegetable knife provides superior comfort and non-slip grip, even for wet hands. It can withstand high and low temperatures.

PERFECT DESIGN: This ultra-sharp kitchen knife is forged with superior Damascus steel with plume pattern that smoothly cuts paper-thin slices and can quickly chop through hearty vegetables.

Sharpness: This true Damascus knife chops everything from hard pumpkins to soft parsley to thin slices and small cubes, it can handle tomatoes, lemons, oranges without loss of juice.